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who am I? nobody special

just a surfer and surf shop manager from long island New York. Though there are a few standouts, and more than a handful of good surfers, my home is not known for its overwhelming surf scene, nor for its quality of surf. When I tell people I am from New York they immediately envision skyscrapers, and I don’t blame them. Though my skills and experience are very middle of the road I have the same love for surfing as anyone who been bitten by “the bug.” Just like nearly every surfer (especially the ones from locations with cold weather and persistently shitty surf) I have spent many hours dreaming of traveling the word with my surfboard, and scoring perfect waves in exotic locations.

I guess my story for the sake of this blog starts in late December 2015. A few months earlier I had booked some (non-refundable) flights to Vienna, Austria to go spend time with a girl I was dating. That idea did not go as planned and I relented in early December that I would be forfeiting those tickets and staying home for the winter. 4 days before that plane was scheduled to leave with at least one empty seat, my good friend Chris Zamora came to visit me at Natures Shapes surf shop. When I told him that my plans had fallen through and i had decided not to take my flight he gave me that "why the hell not?" look. In his usual laid back demeanor he proposed that I still get on that plane and come stay with him and his wife Elizabeth at their home in the Netherlands. They had relocated there from NY over a year earlier and he had asked me to come visit numerous times before. This time he was standing right before me and it clicked................really?...............OK!

Before i even agreed to his offer plans started flashing behind my open eyes. Within Natures Shapes is a nifty bit of technology dreamed up by Mike Becker, and patented under the label Carbon Compact, a two piece surfboard! I saw visions of traveling the Atlantic coast of Europe with one of these inventions strapped to my back. All of a sudden my focus shifted from focusing on my life where I was in NY, to "oh shit, I better pack!"

Sure when I was originally dreaming of traveling the world surfing I was thinking boards shorts and palm trees, but I am on a limited dime, I already have plane tickets to Europe. This new two piece surfboard from Carbon Compact would allow me the versatility I would need since I had essentially no time to research and come up with specifics for where, when, and how. The board also should allow me to fly to and within Europe (which has flights between counties as low as 30 euro) all without paying any of the normally hefty surfboard fees. So although it didn’t look exactly the way I dreamed it, I knew I had to take this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Mike Becker