#4 a resonably mobile day

I woke up at 3am in order to get a train from Leiden and make a 6:30am flight from Amsterdam to Bilbao, Spain via Frankfurt, Germany (you get all of that?). Chris is a total hero because he woke up when I did and helped me carry my bags on the chilly walk in the dark to Leiden Central Station where I got my train to Amsterdam. I really can’t express how much I value his kindness. It is absolutely true that this whole trip would not have happened without him.
After my flights the gentleman (Jose) who agreed to host my entire 1 week stay (through couchsurfing.com) in Bilbao was waiting to pick me up at the airport in his little car just as he said he would. My bag with the Carbon Compact  surfboard made it through with no problem (and the best part was it didn’t cost me a dime in baggage fees!) and was easily able to fit into Jose’s small car (the cars in Europe are much smaller than those in the U.S.). Jose’s home is about 15 minutes from the airport and about 20 minutes from the nearest beach. When I made agreements to stay with him I had no idea of the layout of the area, but I would say that even with my lack of planning things have worked out conveniently, and as usual I am learning for the next time. So far Jose has been great and although he is a little frustrated with some of my eating restrictions (“you don’t want doughnuts and coffee for breakfast? Ay dios mio!), he has provided much more than I ever expected. Most important to me I have a safe, clean, warm place to sleep. 

Mike Becker