#7 Today was a Crazy Day

I am starting to think I can start off most of my posts with "today was a crazy day", or some variation of that sentiment. I guess these last few days really have been intense for me though in the sense that I have done some pretty epic traveling. As I have mentioned before some of my travel plans have been made a little hectic based on the fact that I was originally planning on spending my 2 month European trip in Vienna, not wildly traversing the coast with my 2 piece Carbon Compact surfboard. Months ago when I thought i would be landlocked and cold the entire winter I made plans to meet my friend Timmy in the Dominican Republic so we could take advantage of some warm weather, surf, and a free one week stay he had somehow obtained at one of these all inclusive resorts. Because I was now in northern Spain instead of Vienna, this particular voyage now became my most extreme example of how the alteration of my original plans affected my travels.
I packed my things in the evening because José offered to drive me to the airport in bilbao at 5:30am in order to catch a 7:30am flight to Munich Germany. I did not have much time before my connecting flight to Vienna which got me into that city just before 1pm. Once in Vienna though I had almost 18 hours before my next flight was to leave. I needed to be at the airport by 4am the next day in order to check in for my next flight which was scheduled to depart at 6:30am. I concluded that I would just sleep in the airport as it didn't make much sense (to me) to buy a train ticket, go to a hotel, and pay them for a night stay when I would need to get up and leave that hotel at 3am in order to get back to the airport. It all made sense in my head. 
I spent my first 7 hours in Vienna airport doing some computer work. I had an intense conversation with the girl I was supposed to be staying with there, and at around midnight I decided I would find a quiet bench and try to get some sleep. I was exhausted, but my mind raced and sleep would not come. At 4am I checked my board bag (again, no fee!) and proceeded through security. I was shot by the time I got on my plane, but knew I wouldn't sleep because this flight would only take me 1.5 hours to dusseldorf, Germany. We were a little late getting in and again I rushed to my next fight (and this was the big one), over 10 hours from Dusseldorf to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. 
Maybe it was because of the giant German guy and his equally huge love interest that occupied the seats next to mine, but I didn't sleep on my long flight. (with all of the time zone changes I am actually incapable of figuring out how long i went without sleep. I am confident it was more than 36 hours and probably more like 48 hours before my head actually hit the pillow in Dominican Republic where I have just slept for a solid 8 hrs and woken up with the local roosters sounding like a goat being slaughtered next to my bed). 
Today I will get to surf!

Mike Becker