#9 Short Trip to a Small Town

Sitting in Asilah train station waiting for train to tangier. The first one scheduled for 16:34 (4:34pm) simply did not come. I'm still not sure how that happens on a train track.....I mean, did it get lost?
I just hopped on the 17:30 and am sitting in a cabin in the train shared with 4 other people. There are little kids running back and forth through the corridor on my left. I am glad I was able to find how to ride the train since it will only cost me the equivalent of $1.60 to ride the hour back to tangier. It cost me $15 for the taxi ride down. I must say Asilah is a beautiful place, I took some good photos and I would be happy to come here again. That being said I want to quickly tell you a story about the end of my visit to this nice seaside town as some guy tried(semi successfully) to rob/extort me. 
He followed me down to the beach and tried to sell me hash. After I rejected he told me to give him 3 euro for a café. We were friendly and I know a coffee doesn't cost 3 euro so I told him I'd give him 5 dirham (50cents). Then he started getting crazy with me saying "YOU GIVE ME 3 EURO!" I wasn't sure what to do, I was sizing him up trying to figure out if I could fight him, he was just a touch bigger than me. I thought i probably could but I had my camera in my bag and I thought if he beat me he'd get the camera too. We went back and forth for what felt like forever and I just turned my back on him to walk away hoping he wouldn't hit me or stab me, and he said "ok, you give me 5 dirham". I gave it to him and he took off. Afterwards I was a little pissed at myself for giving him money that I didn't want to (when I originally offered it to him we were still on good terms so I didn't mind), but in the end I guess I should be glad to have gotten rid of him for 50 cents. Still if I could do it over again I would like to fight him. If I give anyone 50 cents I'd like it to be because I want to.

Mike Becker