#10 The Trick Train

Today/yesterday were pretty epic travel days. I got ants in my pants staying in tangier as it was not so easy to find surf up there and decided instead of slowly making my way down the coast I would just full on epic journey it down to Agadir area which from what I could tell was the area I wanted to surf. 
It's started at 9pm, I threw my carbon compact board and my clothes and wetsuit in my backpack, checked out of my little cell of a room, and walked the street to catch a taxi. Arrived at the train station where I bought a ticket for the 10pm night train to Marakesh. I was told there that the bus from Marakesh to Agadir was sold out but that I may be able to convince the bus driver to let me on. I figured I could do that and anyway I had a 12 hour train ride to figure our how I would get to Agadir. 
The ride was not as awesome as I had hoped. It was dark for the majority of it (except a cool sunrise) and the seats were just normal train seats (I guess first class tickets get beds, but I'm a second class kind of guy). The train made semi frequent stops and people were pretty loud through most of the night. One really cool story worth noting was that I started the trip off facing the rear of the train and riding backwards. I did fall asleep at some point and when I woke up I realized that I was now facing the front of the train and riding forwards. In a semi coherent state I started to freak out a little. I knew I hadn't switched seats, had the train reached its destination and begun it's journey back? About five minutes of terror was followed by about an hour of septical optimism. After asking someone I deduced that the train had made a "v" type motion pulling into a station one way, and then pulling back out the way they had come in. This is a pretty shitty trick to pull on tourists like myself. 
I got to Marakesh in the morning around 9am and just barley found the bus station a block away in time to buy a ticket (with no problem) to Agadir. I loaded my Carbon Compact board into the cargo area below and hopped on as the bus was pulling out.
The bus was actually luxurious compared to the train except they didn't have a bathroom. 3 hours later I was in Agadir.


Mike Becker