#11 I Am in Good Hands!

I arrived in Agadir right around noon and as planned via email my surf guideMohammed from Surfline Morocco was there to pick me up. I knew it was him immediately because no one else in thay area had a rad wetsuit tan line and hurley sweatpants. It's hard to explain but I felt comfortable with Mohammed right away and it felt good to feel like somebody was on my side in this place that is so foreign to me. 
As we hopped in Mohammed's car I couldn't tell if he was a little disappointedas he took my board bag and asked me "you body board?"
I smiled, "no man, it's a surfboard, 2 pieces(and I made a folding motion with my hands), you will see." When we got to the nice little hotel he had set up for me I took the board out of the bag and put it together for him (it takes me less than 2 minutes). He was tripping out. I really love the reaction I get from surfers when they see my board. Real surfers know how innovative this board really is.
Even though I had just had I long journey and I hadn't slept much Mohammed was full of infectious energy and suggested we go surf, and so we did. As soon as I hit the water I felt I was in a good place and in good hands and I was very glad I had made the long journey. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


Mike Becker