#12 Baywatch

Surfed a spot called anchor point in taghazout today. The surf was fun overhead rights, sun was out and basically ideal conditions. 

The real story of the day for me was that when we showed up to check the surf I heard some people making a bit of a commotion and pointing towards the inside of the break. Everyone was speaking in languages I couldn't understand, but I saw a longboard tombstoning in the whitewater. I had never been to this spot before and didn't even know how to get in the water as the break is up against a reefy cliff. Just the sight of the longboard being held stationary in the surf made my heart sink and I kicked off my flip flops and shirt and started running to the cliff side. I slowed a bit as I got close to the cliff edge. I would need to take off my shorts with my money and phone and then clamber down the cliff into the surf, but why wasn't anyone else going in? I stopped really quick to ask a photographer who was there and hoped he spoke english. He did and he told me the guy who the longboard belonged to had gotten his leash stick on the reef, but had made it to shore safely down the beach a ways. I was really worried that i was going to find a limp body at the other end of that surfboard leash, and I was glad I hadn't gone full Mitch Buchanan in my undies off of the rocks for nothing. 

Mike Becker