#14 I could actually use a break

Spent part of my last full day in tamraght helping Jeff from "waves not plastic" teaching a group of local kids to surf as well as about the importance of limiting our plastic output. Our very short presentation was followed by a bit of a beach cleanup, then directly into what the kids really wanted to do, which was surf. I personally had a great time and was really happy to be a part of the whole thing. It feels especially good to use the skills that I have to help others. 
After hanging with the kids I walked to the other side of devil's rock and surfed for my last time with Mohammed. He has become such a friend and great surfing buddy I am really sad to be leaving the area, but I can only hope our paths will cross again! (I really hope he will come to NY sometime so I can show him the same courtesy he has shown me here)

Mike Becker